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tv   To Be Announced  SFGTV  September 13, 2016 10:00am-1:01pm PDT

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home. >> people get hungry why not eat and give the small business commission is also the official forum per policy and projects for people to state their concerns that affect the economic vitality of small businesses in san francisco. you can visit us here in person or on line and if you need assistance start here. >> item number 1 call to order and roll call. commissioner stephen adams. >> here. >> commissioner kathleen dooley is absent exused. commissioner mark dwight.
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>> here. >> commissioner william ortiz-cartagena is abstent. commissioner irene yee riley. >> here. >> commissioner mar mar. >> here. >> you have a 84 up. item number 2 our presenter is not here yet and would you like to move to item 3. >> yes please. >> all right. we will call item 3 forward. general public comment. allows the members of the public to comment on generally on matters that are within the small business commission's jurisdiction but not for today's calendar and items for commission's future consideration. >> do we have any public comments today. seeing none public comment is closed. >> >> item 4 is a presentation
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and public action to make recommendation to the board of supervisors for a resolution authorizing for office of small business to expend grants funds in the amount of $100,000 to disdurs grants at the qualified legacy business who apply for the business assistance grant between october 1, 2016 and december 15, 2016 and we have regina dick-endrizzi. >> members you talked about this grant and this resolution is for the office to extend grant funds for any grant application that comes in after september 31. we need to have a resolution by the board of supervisors to approve us expending these funds so before you today is a resolution. i am asking for your approval to forward on to the board of supervisors. one particular note they just want to make is
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that while we will not be expending funds up to a million dollars for the business assistance grant but how the budget line item is in terms of the budget for the business -- the legacy preservation fund is $1 million we haven't set a specific allocation for the business assistance grant the city attorney just to make it broad and cover everything has said up to a million because that's what is in the line item budget but we're not expend expending the full $1 million and it's going to the rent stabilization grant so i am just asking for approval to forward this resolution on to the board of supervisors. >> okay. >> is there are any questions -- >> any questions commissioners? no. okay. so we will take public comment on this item.
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any members of the public to comment on item 4. seeing none. public comment is now closed. do we have a motion? >> i motion that we approve the resolution. >> >> as written? >> as written. >> i second. >> okay. >> okay. all in favor? >> aye. >> all opposed? okay the ayes have tit's 5-0, two absent. >> okay. let's go back to item 2. >> all right. item number 2. presentation and public action to make recommendations to the board of supervisors file no. 160553 planning code signs exemptions and general advertising sign penalties ordinance amending the planning code to clarify that all noncommercial signs are exempt from regulation pursue to not planning code article six and increase penalties for repeat violations for display illegal general advertising sign and
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shorten the time for penalties for general advertising sign vlzs begin with the accrual allow property liens with the penalties that go unhade for the planning department determination under the california environmental quality act and making finding of consistency with the general plan and eight priority policies of the municipal code section and public necessity, convenience, and welfare and section 302 and our representative is from the office of supervisor peskin. let me make sure your mic is on. i am having trouble with this. just one moment. okay. it's almost -- it just keeps
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flipping me back to this other screen. just a moment. i'm sorry. okay. there we go. nope. okay. >> thank you. >> all right. am i good to go? >> yes. >> thank you commissioners and president dwight for having me here this evening. i am from kin's office and i will go through the aspects before the legislation before you right now. legislation before you makes to two fundamental changes to the planning code which regulates generals advertising signs in the city. first it clarifies that noncommercial signs signs are exempt from any regulation. this includes religious symbols, informational plaques, non business related flags, and art murals across the city. the reason is that we
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know that the supreme court determined we can't regulate those signs in the way you regulate commercial signs provided that you provide legitimate interest in doing so and could and i think this is more critical to what we're talking about this evening the legislature increases the penalties for violations of the existing general advertising sign requirements. to be clear we're not changing any of the requirements. what we're doing is changing the penalties that apply to violations. the reason for this is as follows. in 2002 when voters passed proposition g instituting a city-wide ban on general advertising signs we had approximately 1500 general advertising signs at that time. in 2007 that level, the existing general advertising signs were approximately 800. in 2007 in that year we instituted new pen
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institute pen alternaties for the signs this. was because we were seeing proliferations in the neighborhoods. in the years since 2007 and in fact it wasn't a deterrent but the penalties instituted were a of doing business and we had 200 new general advertising signs, illegal general advertising signs installed across the city. each time this happened the city is forced to step in with either enforcement or litigation or some combination of the two in order to have the general advertising sign removed as a result it's just an expenditure that should be directed to other pursuits so with this the
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legislation po poses the shortening this to three day s and the responsible body can submit an application to remove the general advertising sign or request application or reconsideration of the violation. in addition repeat violations of general advertising sign regulations would be subject to daily enhanced period penalties to-five times a day the base time of the violation and additionally for repeat violations there is an alternative calculation separate from the fines that would consist of calculating the income earned by the responsible parties for the display of the illegal general advertising sign and including but not le -- of the owner. these have
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become extraordinarily lucrative means of advertising for businesses, and in fact in 2015 we know that the revenue from general advertising signs rose 4.6% to 7.3 billion dollars, an all time high nationally so we believe that the current pen altes are a cost of doing business and no longer a deterrent for the behavior and the proposed legislation proposes to aggravate this and so the city doesn't enforce and litigate these but providing a deterrent to the signs and with that i am happy to take any questions that you may have. i will answer them to the best of my ability. >> what form do these illegal sort of gorilla signage, what form does it take? i am familiar with one that was
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drapeod embarcadero one during the super bowl. >> that was a prominent example. technology has made it easy to install these signs virtually anywhere and can be projected on various services. i think that they are being sort of installed on an ad hoc basis across the city where they dangle over the side of a major arterial. i wish i had an inventory of the past signs but -- >> so it includes projected images? >> it would, yeah. >> interesting. and is there a limit, a legal limit to what you can charge as a deterrent sign here or do you have to go to some other legal body to establish the fines would be? >> no, we haven't been advised to the limit we can fine. we have said for repeat violations and on the second day it's two
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times the initial fine and three days up to three times and up to five times and the five times repeats. >> escalation. great. commissioners any questions? >> i have a question. what is the definition of general advertising sign? what is it? >> that definition is in i believe section 603 of the planning code. i am happy to have that before me. >> so this penalty applies to any general advertising signs? >> that is correct. >> regardless of size or -- [inaudible] >> that is correct. my understanding the fine can be calculated based on the size of the sign and i think what -- a
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definition of general advertising signs may be clearer in terms what is exempt and they're informational signs, plaque cards that are instructive to the public where to find something, and flases, religious signage. >> these are the exemptions? >> correct. >> as to the definition. for example a small retail business with an advertising would be subjected to this type of penalty, increased penalty? is that correct? >> that is correct. not so much -- my understanding not so much a more key or says where the business is or takes up the interior of a window and large advertising sign -- >> so if it has on the window a product it's selling then this
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retail would be subjected to this increase in penalties, correct? >> perhaps it's a unlaw sign. i have a hard time saying that 50% of the product in the store right now falls under the definition of general advertising sign -- >> no, what they're going after -- what happened downtown is buildings with large window facings started renting out the space and putting vinyl advertisements for the businesses. >> that maybe the case but i am wondering if it will have affect on the small businesses. >> any small business requires the permit and the issue is if you put up a sign without a permit you're subject to enforcement if someone complains. >> this is a question -- not expressioning an opinion but a question. >> right. >> perhaps commissioner on
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page eightit and one definition and lee correct me but one says that a general advertising sign not exceeding 24 square feet so there's a size i think definition to it, and so there is a size element because it's initially the general advertising signs we're working with the definition of billboards, that concept so in 2007 there was a proliferation of billboards before we got into the technology and projection on sides of properties so anyway. >> so the question -- so the question is -- it's talking about -- that's what i was leading to but thank you helping me. so are we talking about 24
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square feet above or below? >> it's my understanding from the section that director read from it's to shelters or kiosks from the mta and you know it when you see it and on the side of the a building. it's a vinyl -- the interior -- entire side of a shop window. billboards of course. >> i am talking about general advertising is advertising about the product that has nothing to do with identifying the business, correct? >> correct. >> okay. so this increased penalty can apply to any sign as long as it's general advertising sign? general advertising
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sign? i want you to clarify. >> if it's a new illegal general advertising sign, yes the penalties apply -- >> without any limit? >> what is that? >> no limit as to the penalties, the accrued penalties. >> yeah, they're calculated i believe on the size of the sign in question and then accumulate or rather escalate over five days and capped five days or five times in perpetuity until the sign is removed. >> so the -- -- and accrue indefinitely. >> indefinitely and it doesn't matter because i know the underlying -- because you stated it -- policy was to deter these big advertising signs proliferating in the city and county of san francisco. >> correct. >> but this will also affect smaller businesses.
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>> i think it may have an effect on fall smaller businesses and why we're before the small business commission. i think there is a way to do it legally or illegally. if they get the violation it's an opportunity to remove the sign and correct the violation or seek a permit in order to do so. >> so you have the opportunity to correct the situation. how much time do you have? you have. >> this would shorten the time and currently shirt days and would be three days. >> is it set in stone or does the department have leeway -- imagine someone goes to great pains to do the sign and could get a permit to do it and do they have to take it down within three days or get a permit. you have 30 days to get the permit or take it down or is everyone
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subject to the three days rule. >> i think with most laws there is inherently a modicum of discretion involved with these things. i don't know how the city would ultimately enforce this. i hope they enforce it strictly but aside from enforcement this is to detear the unlawful behavior. >> yeah, we're just trying to get at the unintended consequences with this. >> yes of course. >> and most violators are not the small businesses, correct? >> this is a gorilla marketing tactic and as pointed out they calculate how much it's going to cost and they do it. >> right. >> i think that -- -- it sends it plainly. there is a vivid and clear evil which this is trying to get at and adopting
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obscenity language. you know it when you see it. you know what gorilla advertising sign. there have been several hundred in the last years and knowing full well this is a blight on the urban environment and we are trying to curb that by giving the city all the tools that it needs in order to go after this and deter this behavior. >> this includes sidewalk stenciling as well? >> we addressed that earlier in the year because we were noticing that -- >> is that a different -- >> i believe it's different -- yeah, because we were seeing a lot of the advertisements if you recall of certain music albums and proliferating on the sidewalks along the corridors and we attempted to address that with legislation this year and again it's a tool that the city it use to wren force. >> okay. >> so can you define what is
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legal or illegal? is it the general rule they have a sign up without a permit is illegal? >> that's correct and in fact -- i mean the city has a ban on new general advertising signs so i think that the permit comes into play if you need to remove a general advertising sign that has gone up unlawfully. i believe that is the case but since 2002 there has been a ban on new general advertising signs city-wide. >> is store signage a different part of the code? code? the sign -- window -- >> signage -- [inaudible] >> no, i mean a sign indicating a business on an awning? >> that is different. >> i think that's the only -- >> what were you referring to? >> grocers. >> you said window signage.
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>> i said making a distinction into a store front and identify the sign above it that is not governed by general advertising sign. that is a demarcation that wouldn't fall under this rubric of general advertising sign. >> the question is beyond that if there is i general advertising sign about a product say on a window. it's clear that the increased penalty and the shortening day from 30 days to three days would apply correct? >> i believe it would correct and if the entire windy has a vinyl advertisement that is among the urban visual distractions that voters decided in 2002 that distract from the urban environment that is counterproductive or blight. >> yeah, but getting to the commissioner's point i mean --
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okay, so let's say have a window front and advertise soapos that one and deordant on that one and my goods are and not a dick ad for one thing. it's a series of ads on sale and in its collective it might be considered blight but i am curious if there is any kind of definition or limit on -- you know because many stores, grocers are going to advertise something on sale, commercial goods or produce or something like that and i wonder what is the limit. >> that's not what he is talking about under the law and i remember voting for this and like billboards -- >> i understand that but extends what we consider a traditional billboard and a building being a billboard in
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of itself and the borming -- as they call it entire window complexes with a contiguous you know advertising -- >> embarcadero during the super bowl. >> right or the windows downtown. >> can i ask you provided a review for the commission on -- >> yeah, so some of the signs that would be considered general advertising sign considers are signage that advertises a product that is only incidentally sold there so if a convenience store as a coca-cola advertisement in the signs that is a general advertising sign whereas a sign that advertising the business name is not. >> is there a size restriction? can a business have a certain amount of frontage of their building going -- because bars have --
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>> [inaudible] >> signs for beers and could be considered general advertising so do we have -- >> i'm not aware of the size restriction. what i understand is a series of examples and i know that after 2002 there were the contest promotions and a bunch of replastered posters and at the top it would say "go into so-and-so's store for a poster" and general advertising signs and that is currently being litigated and there is also -- somebody tacks up a sign on the gate that is considered a general advertising sign and of course the billboards and wall mural, coca-cola wall mural is another example and besides that lee was referring where it comes dangles down the side but i
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don't think it's as much and i will check on this but i spoke with somebody of the general advertising sign program and he didn't mention a size requirement. it's about the function and whether the product is a primary product. >> are we talking about outside signs? >> yeah. >> not inside a store or anything? >> or window sign. >> every liquor store in the city has beer and -- >> that covers it. >> the reason is first to clarify so people can hear your testimony and understand the application of this law to their business, correct? >> correct. >> so is it the conclusion so that we don't misstate the facts that general advertising sign -- although is not the purpose of this law -- i mean we are targeting the bigger signs could
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have an effect on smaller businesses with smaller signs as long as they're under the definition of general advertising sign, correct? >> that is correct. i want to make the point too that this legislation doesn't change the definition of general advertising sign. it doesn't change the legality of general advertising signs. what it does is it altders the penalties so the city can go after what we consider general advertising signs. >> so as a policy under this proposed amendment we don't discriminate between the small and big fish. everybody is in the same pot so you get a shorter notice for penalties and hit with penalties regardless of your size and what your general advertising sign may be, correct? >> i think that is correct and for small businesses if the concern they're not going to be able to mitigate the violation or remove the general advertising sign in question
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there is a procedure there where you can appeal for reconsideration, buy yourself more time and remove the general advertising sign if you want to go that route. there is that flexibility that president dwight was discussing where you can -- if that is a certain there is a way to get the general advertising sign down and probably work with the city in order to do so effectively. really this is trying to get at like we saw at embarcadero, the sky rise building that was covered in a verizon advertisement and we didn't have the tools necessary to get that down in a manner of time and we were receiving complaints about it and this was indus piewtablely a blight on the city skyline. >> i don't think there is dispute about that. i think what we want to clarify for our constituents is how it could be used, how it could affect our
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constituents and we also know that when there's a financial incentive so this is going to dramatically increase the city's financial incentive to enforce because the city makes money doing this as they do giving out parking tickets and when the fine for a particular type of citation goes up you fine the people's job it is to give them out and be sort of lauded if not rewarded for how much they can collect they get aggressive and so we don't want to see an aggressive -- this to result in some kind of aggressive behavior by the city like everyone's going "don't worry it's business as usual." it's not and certainly there is a new incentive in place and we get the intent, but the unintended consequence can be quite different and this is where we get into -- you know our role
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here is to help advise legislative aide, supervisors and the mayor's office when we identify something in a potential piece of legislation, lawmaking, that might not have been considered because we all know that it's much more difficult to undo a bad law than it is to pass a bad law so much of our responsibility here as commissioners is not just to look out for our constituents per se but assure that the city passes good laws and in our role in our particular expertise is how those laws affect small business so as you take a law around a prospective lay -- legislation using law as this and you get two perspectives and the pers you get here is just wondering how does it affect the
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groceries, the manufacturers, retailers, the service providers who happen to be advertising a variety of things whether it be items on sale, new products, new promotions, things of that nature and does it open up to a potential liability in terms of increased fine or accelerated you know window or a tighter window of compliance and so that's what we're getting at and i guess i am not yet satisfied that i -- i mean i know it when i see it but what i want to know about is what i don't know when i see it and how you know -- i mean an enforcer is going to look at it in a particular way and i want to know how they will look at it and not a citizen and obviously draping something on one of the biggest buildings in the city is a violation but are the little signs a violation? i don't think we have gotten to that today. we're not krit
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sighing the legislation but -- criticizing the legislation but trying to get at some of the nuisances that weren't contemplated and perhaps there is a way to write into the legislation to protect something we didn't consider. >> i have another -- >> sure. >> just continuation of what our president said. for small business violation because we're talking about a very short window of three days, can have a devastating consequence on the lease because it involves the landlord. it can violate the lease and terminate the lease. it can cause immense damage, just a benign situation can mushroom into a huge situation -- >> especially if the landlord is trying to get rid of something. >> exactly and the penalties accruing within three days and the violation of the law and
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maybe a big problem and small issue and for a business can wipe out the business. since we're here to talk about the perspectives -- >> i am beginning to understand i think if i am following sort of how this could metasicize into a problem that could put a business out of business or to cause it to lose its lease. it would have to be such a situation where the small business owner didn't receive the notice adequately or was unaware of the violation. let the time pass or otherwise couldn't remove the general advertising sign in question in a 3-5 day period or file a document with the city to the effect they needed to remove a sign within that period, and then let penalties accrue so it would be such a case of negligence and looking the other way from the notice of violation that the penalties would accrue
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and just to address the notion this could be a revenue generating or might be a revenue generating scheme for the city i don't think that is what this is at all, and to think that would be a bit cynical, not there isn't a lot of cynicism abounding in this building but i hope this is not what this is for. this is not revenue generation and -- >> that and naivety are two sides of the same coin. >> fair enough but a small business not removing the general advertising sign or address it within 3-5 days there must be flexibility or ability to file a petition for reconsideration for the business to buy the business additional time to address the notice of violation and again the fees do not accrue at the time the notice is issued. i understand
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we're shortening the time substantially but to get at the extraordinary bad actors like verizon that projected its advertisement up and down the entire welfare a skyscraper and get at that within the window of the relevance of that advertisement to them. i mean the super bowl was a unique circumstance but i don't think a terribly unique circumstance and the advertisement in question was a short period of time and 30 days to remove it was nonsensical and not make sense and you use this legislation as a sword where the city can step in and say this is bad and we will enforce against you now, and not a situation where we are penalizing small businesses who for very legitimate reasons do not have the capacity to remove the violating sign in question. >> again i think you're preaching to the choir with
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this and we agree with the intent. i think we're trying to get at the unintended. >> right. >> commissioners i did pull up from the planning code a definition of the general advertising sign from section 602.7 if you're interested in me reading it. it's not in the legislation. i brought this up online. >> [inaudible] >> so it's a sign legally erected prior to the effective date of section 611 this code so that's the time frame of no new signs are allowed which directs attention to a business commodity or industry or other activity sold or offered elsewhere on the premise which the sign is located or to which it is affixed and which is sold offered or conducted on such
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premise only incidentally if at all" so i would hope that -- i mean i think the question of incidentally so for a bar that offers a particular type of beer and they have that -- that would not -- my guess it's not incidentally because they have it all the time. >> with you a walgreens that sells coca-cola has a full length window advertising that perhaps that was a site, a situation -- >> according to the general advertising signs program unless it is a coca-cola store that product is sold incidentally at that store. >> so i think we need to really understand from the planning department. >> what the incidentally means in this context. >> my question is for that purpose and clarification of the general advertising sign is. >> right. >> that would help us
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understand the impact -- >> absolutely. >> -- on small business since the purpose of this law is not to affect small business. >> right. >> but to go after the bigs offenders, correct. >> correct, so the aspects of the code they think are relevant this sign advertising something off site or that is sold only incidentally to the business which that advertisement exists and then the question becomes what that does mean? what is meant by incidentally? and that would further this conversation and i don't think i have that information. >> i think a sweep stakes or contest -- >> let's kind out what it is. >> you know i think it would be very useful if you could let us know. >> i am happy to do that, absolutely. >> that would be great. >> did you have a comment? >> yeah. i know there is
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something in the planning code -- >> i thought you already went. go ahead. my thing is not working. go ahead. >> [inaudible] >> anyways i want you to repeat the three to five days responding so what do you mean by responding? do they have to take down the thing or respond by filing a petition? >> so within three days or five days if the notice of violation is served by mail and three days if served by hand the business must file for a permit application to remove it in question and correct the violation and straightforward and direct approach taken or they can request a reconsideration for the violation that is the subject of the notice. >> okay. >> okay. >> commissioner. >> yes, i believe there is code for how much a window can be filled up with advertisement kind of referring to the
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question of space and there's a little confusion on the retail end too and i am curious if this is mentioned if that part of the code i think 70% of the window can't be covered with ads so i am curious about that piece of the planning code and that is somehow written in or by product to be regulated by this? >> that i can get to you as well. so whether there's an additional regulation in the planning code governing how much of the window can be taken up by the advertisement in question and the question what it means to be incidentally sold at the place of retail. >> lee you're going to be an expert on signage. >> oh i am quickly. >> you give us a quick tutorial. >> i will do so and clearly need more time.
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>> commissioners anything further before we go to public comment? >> commissioners in response to one of the previous questions if you look on page 12 it discusses how the square footage of the sign compares to the penalties per day. >> amount of penalties? >> correct, b. >> in [off mic] >> right. so a sign of 100 square feet or less would be a $100 per day violation. that would escalate to 500 per day after five days and then -- yeah. >> that's a ten by ten sign roughly. okay. again i mean it doesn't really get at sort of the definition that -- >> right. >> [inaudible] [off mic]
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>> great. okay. any other questions? okay. any members of the public that would like to comment on this item? seeing none. public comment is now closed. so commissioners want to take action or would you like to request a little more information? >> more information. >> okay. if you will indulge us we would like to get a clarification on kind of what is allowed and what is not for small business? >> absolutely. i thank you for your perspective commissioners. >> thank you. >> well thank you. >> thank you. >> all right. >> all right. let's go to item number 5. is that right? >> item number 5. correct. presentation and discussion for proposed rules and regulations to administer administrative code two a-2 43c. the rent
10:43 am
stabilization account. discussion and possible action. presenter is regina dick-endrizzi executive director of the office of small business. >> commissioners i handed out a presentation to you and they're over on the side table. i'm going to verbally walk through. this isn't a action item but to give you an idea what will be under consideration for your final review at the next commission september 26 meeting. there is still a few things i am waiting clarification on from the city attorney on. this one has a little more legal sensitivity since there are specific laws governing landlord tenant relationships, so the following the same sort of guideline as guidelines for the business systems grant one what is the scope? sort of talking about identifying the rent stabilization grant and where
10:44 am
that is defined. the application timeline. it's that any landlord that files an application after january 1, 2016 there is no specific time period during the year. during the year a landlord can file for an application at any time of the year. the amount of the grant -- excuse me, before i move on to the amount of the grant and landlords are then required once they have been awarded the grant they're required to reapply every single year to reverify certain requirements are still standing relationship to the lease. the grant amounts are spell the out as per proposition j and that is. >> >> i mean it's $4.50 per square foot up to 5,000 square
10:45 am
feet so if there is up to 5,000 square feet and fully funded it's $2,205,500 annually that a property. >> >> 22,500 that a property owner may receive in rent subsidy. >> can we add in 450 per square foot per year and that turns out 450 is actually a monthly number for some people. >> right. >> in terms of increase. people are seeing the rents jump in some locations and just clarifying that and oh my i can get my rent covered. >> right. >> yeah, 450 per year, per square foot per year. >> and it notes how the allocations are made and of the legacy rent stabilization made during the fiscal year to the
10:46 am
qualified landlord so we will -- so basically what's in the fund if a business -- a landlord applies there is funding there then the landlord receives funding. then when it comes to reapplying or when it comes to after the first year of operation if there's sufficient funds in the legacy business stabilization account to pay all grants during the fiscal year to the qualified landlords from prior years and there is a distinction between prior year recipients. the grants to the new qualified landlords are made out in amounts for the legacy business -- from the legacy business rent stabilization grant after subtracting amounts necessary to pay all the grants from the fiscal year prior so
10:47 am
to the qualified landlords from the prior years. and if there aren't it will be prorated. what i have put in here is that if a qualified landlord from a prior year fails to apply for a grant in the subsequent year or fails to qualify -- oh no this is already in there. fails to qualify in the subsequent year the amount of the funds are paid to the previously qualified landlords available -- so basically if somebody -- if the landlord fails to qualify or does not reapply then those funds will be available to other grant applications. what i have added is that you know in the event that a landlord -- the office of small business -- well, i put in here the office
10:48 am
of small business will notice the amounts of the annual grants to the landlords and will receive -- sorry, my glasses aren't that great, annual grants to the landlord and will -- and the landlord should -- sorry. let's see. oh the office of small business will notify basically the landlord and the tenant should the landlord reapply or the reapplication be denied and that's to make sure that the business is aware that the rent subsidy may not be available. the office of small business will annually notify both the landlord and the legacy business of the amount granted, so again if there is any reason we have from the prior years if we have more applications than funding available than those
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amounts are prorated so it could be that one year a landlord may get the full subsidy, the full grant amount and the next year they may not so we want to make sure that both the business and the landlord receives this. >> it's rather precarious. >> subject to the same three year limit? >> no. because basically the landlord has to agree to engage with the ten year lease so it's a ten year -- >> [inaudible] [off mic] >> ten years, yes. >> what i want to just clarify this issue is if a qualified landlord enters into a lease does not have the guarantee although qualified throughout the term of the lease to get any funding, so this kind of a precarious situation. >> yes, it is. >> so --
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>> they may or may not get it. it depends on the funds available. >> yeah, if we over draw the fuptd funds they may get less of the entitlement if any. >> if any. so we're convincing the landlord to enter into the lease but not guaranteeing the landlord will get 450 or any. a there is no minimum amount and that is an issue. >> so the new lease is written in such a way if they don't get that that the additional expense is passed on to the -- [inaudible] >> right. >> now it's all going to fall on the -- ultimately it will fall on the business, the lessee, sorry, because the small landlord they don't miss these things. they say "okay the city says they will give us the
10:51 am
money. if they don't give it to us it's not coming out of my pocket but your pocket and i did the application to get you a break tenant so the tenant is the most precarious position here because they have no control or real control of the landlord applying every year. the landlord may decide it's a pain in the butt. i'm not doing it im. they could back out that way. from my understanding it's discretionary for the landlord to apply every year. >> right. and so -- actually so the part i had trouble reading because of the budget funding cycle so it says "the landlord shall notice -- i mean the office of small business will notice the landlord no later than july 30 kind of what their funding amount will be for their next grant cycle, so in the application requirements just i would like to quickly
10:52 am
review those is one just like with the business assistance grant the landlord, the property owner is good on all their financial obligations and filing requirements with the city. the landlord is not related by ownership either directly or indirectly to the legacy business to which the landlord leases the property. the terms of the lease are ten years. and criteria of the lease -- there's a total of the square footage in the lease it specifically distinguishes between what as stated in proposition j, the improvements area separated out from the common area space, so that way we can confirm the amount by square footage of the area that the grant can be awarded to, so that has to be
10:53 am
spelled out, and if it's not in the lease then an addendum needs to be signed by the landlord and the legacy business. that the rent owed for ten years is listed in the lease by addendum signed in the lease so it's listed year by year either in the lease or aa dennum signed by the landlord and the legacy business. that there are two clauses in the lease or addendum that denotes in the event the landlord is awarded a rent stabilization grant the amount is subtract friday the amount owed. >> >> the first year that the grant is awarded the landlord should shall the legacy business not more than ten days after receiving the grant and notice the business that the grant amount the landlord should be
10:54 am
awarded and that one that denotes in the event the landlord is denied the grant stablization grant or not funded to the fullest amount allowable the business acknowledges they're responsible for the non funded part of the grant so we want to make sure that is very clear and that is clearly understood between the landlord and the legacy business and signed before they apply for the grant. >> so commissioner tour-sarkissian maybe you can answer this so on the business i find out that my landlord a, decides not to reapply the next year or b, has been denied the full amount so now it's on me can i break my lease because i signed this lease? my ten year extension assuming i was going to have for the next ten years this rent?
10:55 am
>> i think there is a covenant -- implied covenant and fair deal [inaudible] so i would assume that your landlord is going to be fairly dealing with you and with if qualified would make the application in a timely fashion. >> okay. let's say just the case of the office of small business says no we've given away too many of these grants so you're not getting the 450 this year. you're getting two ducks bucks and the landlord says i'm going to pass that on to the tenant and the tenant says that is make or break for me. i am living on the edge. i have to break my lease. the landlord says you're not breaking the lease. >> if in fact the provision is included in the lease that would be a violation of the lease by trying to -- anticipate tory terminating the lease so that
10:56 am
may be a problem for the tenant but that issue should be clear in the lease that in fact if the landlord has no access -- doesn't have access in the future -- [inaudible] >> yeah. >> the tenant may be able to give you know -- [inaudible] [off mic] >> the problem with this is there is an asymmetry to the law and that is that the landlord and the tenant are being asked to enter into a contract that has a legal term and that term is required to be ten years -- >> [inaudible] >> minimum of ten years so we required this term over here but we only signed up for an annual renewal and the asymmetry you demanded one thing of the parties involved but the third
10:57 am
party, the city, is not party -- is not participating in the same commitment. they're only committing to what the budget allows and you know what? the budget could go to zero because they could decide not to fund this any longer as well. you know this is going to come up with reevaluation whether this should be funded continually so we could over extend -- you know we could make more grants than we have and support for the 450 level but the city could dial back the funding to impair our ability to make good on the $4.50 grant we made even if they're within the limits we have today, so this asymmetry then results in a bunch of legal stuff; right? because now we have to create a bunch of new language for leases and that aren't free; right? it will be
10:58 am
a boiler plate. maybe the commission should recommend that language so -- for of course the lawyers to decide whether they want to adopt the boiler plate but know there's expenses associated with this and there's risk so i just think we need to -- again here we are in looking at legislation going hey you know there's a flaw here. it's a fairly significant one and so i mean all we can do now is point it out and recommend potential remedies should these things happen and i have to say i think it's highly likely there is a scenario where we decided to give more grants under pressure from the sponsors, the mayor's office, the supervisors to make sure we give a grant to a new person that comes before us, a new business and we have already given all the grants we
10:59 am
can. well, we have to give a grant to this company, this business so take a little away from everybody else to even it out and the ripple effect goes out to those in the program. >> yeah, i think we need to clarify whether we need to accept more applications when we run out of money. if we can stop accepting new applications to keep the other once whole. >> we're allowed to over subscribe it. there is nothing written into the law that we have to -- that we can't over subscribe and cannot dial back the -- you know i should say give pro rata shares to everybody so i think this is -- you know -- >> maybe it's something we should recommend. >> i mean we should certainly point out -- >> should we further refine i am throwing this out. >> we're brainstorming here. >> as to why the landlord was
11:00 am
denied. the question is they can be denied for lack of funding or -- >> [inaudible] >> right. >> not paying taxes. could the landlord turn around and say i am guilty of not qualifying. you're going to pay the difference. so there has to be some shades of -- you know -- we have to think about the details. >> yeah. >> but it's a problem to say to a landlord you're going to get funding the first year but we're not sure we will give it to you however you have to enter this type of lease of five years or five and five so we ought to think about what type of clauses should be included in the lease for the landlord to be qualified. >> i mean it's really a discivic center for a landlord to apply every year. it's
11:01 am
onerous. you like to move a lease and move on and you sign leases with long-terms if you want to move on for a long time and you don't want to worry about it. i want year three years or five years and don't want to revisit it and i have to figure out if the office of small business has the money and subject to the whims of what legislators do with the money with the budget and i just feel like if i were a landlord i would kind of go i will take a pass on this right now and i will see where it goes. >> if the landlord is not in violation of the lease they should expect to get the funding available at least. >> sure. >> but i don't know what other conditions we have we are to impose on the landlord. >> yeah. i mean -- this is not meant to be cynical. anytime you're entering into a legal agreement you do
11:02 am
everything you can to eliminate every possible contingency; right? every possible kind of thing. you want to cover everything. that's the point of writing a legal document. when you don't care about those things you shake hand and we're all good and a lot of people live their lives doing handshake agreements and not getting burned but the minute you write it down the opportunity to get burned is there because now it's in writing and these are the conditions so we're causing an uncertain condition here, this legislation causes an uncertain condition which has to be written around or i have every reason to believe -- well, i have every reason to believe that the government will behave the way it behaves and that is it behaveos the budget it has and if we go off the cliff in the city on the budget which
11:03 am
even our chief economists are telling us we're headed there then things like this are the first to g this is discretionary. this will get cut as well as other things and it's a small number too and take a way a million dollars there and a million dollars there and it's a rounding error and not for the people that get involved in this but a error for the city and there is a possibility it doesn't get refunded or it's static and we get a lot of demand and we get asked to over subscribe. >> yeah, there are two sets of -- if i may say facts. one is in which the landlord is qualified but cannot receive the funds, and the question is who pays for the difference? >> right. it's simply not available. >> or the second set of facts where the landlord does not
11:04 am
qualify for reasons because he caused the disqualification and then what happens? so we have two sets of facts to consider. >> yeah, one is out of the landlord's control because it's subject -- it's the funding side. the other is within the landlord's control but they could fall out of compliance intentionally or unintentionally and who pays the -- >> so if they fall out of compliance sort of intentionally or unintentionally that's not due to budgetary reasons but one they're not current on their taxes or for any reason they falsified information then are you recommending that there's a clause in the lease that says that allows the business to be able to get out of their lease? >> no. not getting out of the lease but not having to pay the
11:05 am
difference. if the funds are available -- funds are available the landlord causes the disqualification he or she shouldn't be able to turn around and seek the difference from the [inaudible]. that's something i would want to explore with the -- [inaudible] >> right now we're just exploring these -- >> [inaudible] [off mic] >> i mean it's a work in progress and of course you know it's been left to the -- this is very common. it's left to the enforcing body to figure out all the -- oh we didn't think about that. >> exactly. >> and we're working through it right now. >> that is an obvious exception. >> right. >> now if the landlord is assuming that he or she will be getting the funding and the funding is not available then who is going to pay the difference? >> yeah. >> it's another issue and so
11:06 am
you know -- and this kind of yearly qualification makes things complicated. >> yeah, it does. >> my concern is we should be able to fund when the funds available. if we don't have money then we shouldn't accept any new applications. >> right. >> we have to make sure that the landlords committed to the ten year lease to keep them whole. >> right. and my general feeling is that these amounts are so small that of course -- you know our inclination is going to be give the full amount because it's a tiny amount; right? i mean it's 37 cents a month. okay. 37 and a half cents a month on someone that might be looking at a lease that is $3, $4 a square foot so it's not a lot of money. i mean it would be kind of weird to have someone say i am looking for this relief. i need more but i will take what i can get.
11:07 am
well, we will give you a dime. no, we're going to -- you know and not knowing how long the line is out the door, right, our inclination will be if we find a qualified qnd we will give them -- candidate we will give them 37 and a half cents a year because we don't know how long the line is. if the line is long we're pressured to give out more money. if the line is short no harm or no fowland the expectation and external everyone promoting this and setting this we will have a long line of people wanting to participate in the program which means we will get pressure from the sponsors and they are by definition the board of supervisors and the mayor's office so we're going to come under political pressure if you will to give to everyone in the line, and at some point we will run out of money and we will go
11:08 am
give us more money. good luck with that request or we will stop giving out money and then back into this situation. the office of small business is not doing their part to tend to the legacy businesses in san francisco and so they will be kind of -- well, we don't have the money. it's going to be kind of a back and forth so i think again you know look we're just on record here as identifying that this is -- this is a problem -- this is a potential issue. it may never happen but there's a high likelihood that it will. we just have to acknowledge it's a possibility and that do we want to go about making recommended language for tenants and landlords to put in their leases to consider these possibilities and maybe have the board of supervisors do some kind of
11:09 am
legislative addendum. although this is something that the voters voted so i don't know how you -- >> has to go back to the voters. >> anyway, i think it's -- i am not complaining. i am just reporting the news and i think the report is that we've got here some challenges ahead of us in properly executing or executing this legislation in the spirit in which it was intended. >> and somebody who reads leases for a living we also have to make sure that the businesses applying can afford the rent. >> right. >> i mean -- i mean we have the landlord part which, and you made the best comment of all because once a landlord, and i dealt with those guys too. once they signed a lease they don't want to hear from you in ten years and just want the monthly
11:10 am
check and a lot of them in san francisco and as we were talking about it what was going through my mind a lot of these landlords are these trusts that are overseas. >> right. >> how are you going to deal with them? that's the one thing i was thinking about because you know they have management companies that deal with them, but you know do they have to reapply every year? but i want to make sure that the tenants can afford this even with or without the grant. i'm not going to give a grant out to somebody standing line that again has to do with with our legacy fund you know money that just going to be thrown out the window. >> just think about it. okay. you're going to get -- the tenant will get this lease
11:11 am
agreement i just went through this with renewing the lease. the landlord sent me a lease "you might need to review this with my attorney." with my attorney? it's a lot of pages and i'm going not paying the attorney to review this. i will do it myself and there is a timothy what the landlord spends on the lease and one time expense and they don't want to do it every year and it's expensive for them too because they're much more able -- i mean that's what they do. they have lawyers write leases. they're accustomed to that expense. as a small business owner i hear the complaints from small business owners they complain about a hundred dollars fee. >> right. >> they're certainly not going to want a lawyer -- even an enexpensive lawyer at $250 an
11:12 am
hour spending ten hours reviewing a lease so that's -- you know this idea you're going to get this great benefit but the expense of getting it can be almost negate the benefit. >> so commissioner dwight i guess -- i think i am hearing a concern if it's not made easy for the landlord then we run the risk of a landlord not reapplying which then can affect -- >> or just not wanting to apply in the first place. i think that's more of the point. the landlord goes in knowing okay here's what i have to do and reapply every year. i think we should figure that out and what it means. hopefully it means what i said last year is still correct. can i sign and be done and not go through a lengthy process every year because i
11:13 am
don't know why a landlord would want to do that and then then we have all these other issues swirling around what happens if, right, on the renewal, if it doesn't happen? >> initially the lease has to qualify. >> yeah. >> so you have an initial qualification requirement so should be an application. >> yeah. >> i assume if the landlord is not in violation of the lease it should be pretty much automatic. >> one would think. >> one would think. >> so if we make it burdensome we will hurt the tenant because the landlord may miss a date and turn around and blame the -- so that's an issue. >> right. i think what i am hearing is that perhaps we look at -- rick and i look at our ability -- what systems we can
11:14 am
set up so we have automated notification 60 days out from the renewal period set up online renewal so it's easy for them. >> so back in the envelope how many of these rent stabilization grants were you planning to give out? >> back of the envelope -- >> 50? 100? ten? >> under ten annually. >> under ten a year. okay. >> i mean -- under ten a year and that's just because -- >> i am just trying -- [inaudible] >> in terms of that is coming after the recommendation with not doing a survey but a recommendation from the invested neighborhoods team who deals a lot talking to property owners so signing a ten year lease is a big deal for a property owner to do. >> sure. >> so -- >> i have not seen a ten year
11:15 am
lease in my short -- [inaudible] >> all of my leases are ten years. >> are they? all mine are three or five. >> okay. but we shall see after the first year of what that -- >> okay. i just wanted a ballpark. >> and on another note on that too. the landlord -- you know he's want to keep -- if he has a good tenant he wants to keep them there. >> yeah sure. >> some landlords will work with the tenants. it does go both ways. >> i think part of what i hear i want to make sure we're including what additional things may need to be in the lease for you know so there's clarity about the vulnerability of the funding. >> yeah. >> that you know both for the property owner for the business to understand. >> full disclosure. >> and that's identified in the lease or through an
11:16 am
addendum if the lease has already been signed. before the landlord files for an application so that discussion is clear, has taken place. >> i mean it's clear if the funding is available the landlord is going to be inclined to qualify the tenant, but the tenant may not be qualified as said by my colleague here that in fact we would be qualifying somebody who cannot afford the rent if the funding is not available. that may hurt the tenant. >> yeah. >> so that has to be included in the lease. >> so it will be -- so we're working with the city attorney but you know to have those clauses to make sure that they're in the lease or addendums that they're clearly understood. maybe we need to make -- maybe as you said
11:17 am
commissioner dwight write out recommended clauses that address those specific vulnerabilities that each year the grant amount may change. >> yep. by definition this legislation is designed to help the most vulnerable small businesses in our city so the idea -- so we're not going to see a parade of people who are like "hey man i want a little extra money because who doesn't; right? ." we're going to see a parade of people saying "i'm going to go out of business if i don't get this" so to your point as the banker if somehow city hall falls down on the commitment we don't cause people to go out of business and likewise we need some certainly if the landlord doesn't follow through on their side of the
11:18 am
bargain that the tenant isn't irreparably harmed. >> right. >> and also if the funding is not available we have to give some flexibility to the tenant not being able to afford that extra amount. >> yeah , right. >> -- that would have been available from the city and if not available in that fund we ought to give some -- you know kind of flex thex to the tenant to get out of the lease. >> because one would expect the testimony of the small business that receives any benefit under this -- whether it's rent stabilization or any fund that the testimony will be "wow, it saved my business." that's what we want and the point so the implication, the corollary to that it went away and destroyed my business, so we have to be mindful they're two sides of the same coin that we're saving -- potentially
11:19 am
saving a business but to pull away the support would be potentially destroying a business and someone's livelihood. >> and to save the business we cannot make it difficult for the landlord. >> right , right. >> you have to make it relatively easy to get into the program and stay in the program. >> yeah, otherwise people won't even try. >> okay. so i think that's great, the feedback you provided, and we will continue to work with the city attorney and i think also solicit continued involvement with you commissioner tour-sarkissian since this is your area of expertise as well so that we in the next week get these detailed ironed out. >> commissioners any other comments before public comment? okay. do we have any members
11:20 am
of the public that would like to comment on this item? seeing none. public comment is now closed. let's move on to the next one. >> okay. item number 6 update on the legacy business program discussion item. our presenter is richard kurylo legacy business program manager. >> is this working? excellent. president dwight, commissioners, staff, good evening. richard kurylo program manager. i have a report of the legacy business program for the month of august 2016 and sfgtv i have a powerpoint presentation. for today's report i'm going to be discussing statistics, major accomplishments, press, and major upcoming activities. there's a report in your binder and also a report on the table
11:21 am
for the audience. statistics nominations we received ten in august, 13 since the beginning of the fiscal year which was july 1, and 91 since the program started. applications received nine in august, 13 since the fiscal year began and 52 program total. and just so you know sometimes we received nominations without applications or vice versa so that number is not always the same. application fees we received $300 in august, $50 per application. $500 since the beginning of the fiscal year and $2,000 program total. applications reviewed by the historic preservation
11:22 am
commission. ten in august, 19 this fiscal year, and 19 since the program began. and applications reviewed by the small business commission 19 in august for the fiscal year and for the program total. businesses placed on the legacy business registry. 19 for august for the fiscal year and for the program total. and i have the statistics that i just went over and very easy to read table and you can see in the handout. okay. major accomplishments. in august we presented 19 legacy business registration applications to the small business commission and included all 19 businesses in the registry as you know and
11:23 am
further submitted five legacy business registry applications to the state historic preservation for review. regarding rules and regulations we researched the definition of business regarding to the business registry includes non-profits. small buisness association affirmed the non-profits and we adopted criteria for disqualification for the registry. regarding the legacy business grant we presented a draft of the grant guidelines and applications to the small business commission. the commission had in-depth discussion and provided feedback and we submitted the draft legacy guidelines and application to the city attorney's office for review. for the rent stabilization grant we complooted a draft which you discussed earlier of the guidelines and applications and we submitted the draft rent
11:24 am
stabilization grant to the city attorney's office for review prior to presenting it to the small business commission at your meeting on september 26. in general regarding the grants we researched getting future recipients with vendors with the city and county of san francisco. the website was revised to include legacy businesses that were included on the registry. and there was a lot of press in august. we had seven major articles regarding the approval of the first nine legacy businesses. three are here. four more on this page. they're in the chronicle, head line and other publications and three major color articles following the legacy businesses and one is about legacy neighborhoods and a little different but i thought
11:25 am
that was very interesting. and then major upcoming activities for september 2016 and beyond. later letters of recognition and congratulations to all of the approved legacy businesses will be going out. rules and regulations for the legacy business grant will come before the small business commission on september 26. rules and regulations for the stabilization grant will come before the small business commission also on that day. five legacy business pligz applications for the small business commission review will occur on october 3 and 4 more will occur on october 17. and then we will be doing logo and brand for the registry. >> of the nine applications that are going to come before us have they been vetted by the historic preservation -- >> no, not yet. >> not yet. so pending they will come before us if they
11:26 am
pass-through -- >> even if they're not recommended by the historic preservation commission they still come before this body but without their recommendation. they give their opinion on the application so all nine will come before us and we're not sure what the commission is going to be saying about them yet. >> okay. all right. >> yeah just a reminder there's the hpc is just an advisory recommendation. >> all right. >> like your recommendation to the board of supervisors is advisory but you are able to make the final decision. >> okay. very good. >> any questions? >> thank you very much. any questions? >> thank you. >> commissioner adams. >> i just want to say richard this is awesome. this is a great job. i think this is the first report on legacy business and you have accomplished a lot. you should be proud of yourself. this is really, really good. and it is -- you know getting
11:27 am
press all over the city and stuff, and i just think it's great. i think you're doing a great job and i feel like we're right on track with this now. >> yes thank you very much for all your effort. >> thank you. >> we'll open this up for public comment. are there members of the public who would like to comment on this item? seeing none. public comment is now closed. thank you richard. all right. move on to the next item. >> all right. item number 7 approval of meeting minutes. this is an action item. and we are considering august 22, 2016 draft regular minutes meetings. january 25 draft regular meeting minutes and january 26 draft regular minutes. >> commissioners any comments on the minutes? >> i have one. on the january 25, 2016 item number 9 i
11:28 am
think integration process of legal business application. i think we meant to say legacy; right? >> okay. we will confirm that. >> eagle eye. nice. >> so this is on the january january 2016 -- >> item number 9. >> january 25. >> yes. the dates are almost identical. >> yeah. >> it's confusing for us. >> oh right. it should be legacy. >> thank you very much. >> i missed that one. >> darn it. >> okay. >> okay. any other comments commissioners? >> i move. >> all right. >> i second. >> okay. >> all in favor. >> aye. >> all opposed? okay. by a vote of five to nothing, two absent the minutes are approved. >> oh we -- >> would any member of the public like to comment on
11:29 am
these? if so we will reconsider our vote. seeing none. public comment is now closed and the vote stands. okay. >> okay. >> okay on to item 8. >> director's report update and report on the office of small business and the small business assistance center update on the department programs recent announcements from the mayor and introduced policy matters and update on legislative matters and announcements regarding small business activities. discussion items. >> commissioners just to let you know that the board of supervisors has returned and is in session and last week, last tuesday was their first meeting after recess. i think that there's one item of note that was introduced which was the legislation on the transportation demand management which you heard, you had a policy discussion a couple of
11:30 am
meetings ago. i also want to let you know that minca is developing an internship program for the office with emphasis and focus on work for the commission, so i just want to give her a minute to talk about that internship program and to introduce lois who is sitting next to her. >> great. so i am partnering with the office of the mayor and i have our website is updated to have our own internship application solicitation on our website which has been updated and it focuses on the policy and legislative and commission trakts as well as we did accept applications through the office of the mayor. this queer year we were one of three or four of the mayor and selected several
11:31 am
interns and we considered them and lois is one of them and working with ngos and all things with us and minutes to briefings and what's the last thing? to briefings to trackings so he will help us out with the new legislative session in the board of supervisors and we're very fortunate to have talented interns come our ways these days. >> that is great. how long of an internship? >> fall semester with possibility of extension. >> when does the semester end? >> mid-december. >> welcome. you're the stand out among hundreds if not thousands of applicants. >> millions. >> that's fabulous. we're delighted to have you. fantastic. >> you will be seeing him and then to move on to another
11:32 am
intern nicholas fer goazo who is not here but he's going to be working on a project where we're to be tracking the soft story and the ada so just a reminder with the soft story the tier four buildings are the ones that are primary concerns for us, the ones that have the ground floor commercial buildings, so submittal of the permit applications must be done by september 18 but we are seeing there are a number of property owners that are already engaging in the projects and they're to have the completion of their work done by 2020. supervisor tang's ada for the entry ways then the buildings that we're concerned with read ones the highest vulnerable ones are the ones with one or more steps so
11:33 am
the property owner is to file plans for remediation starting may 18 in 2018 and have it completed by february 22, 2020 so there is some over lay. i have been working with the department of building inspection. they sent a mailer to all the tier four property owners on the requirement for supervisor tang's entry way requirements, so the project that nicholas is going to do we will begin a catalog of all 900 properties that are tier four properties. they're various stages they're in taking pictures of their entry ways so we can track those that get remediated through the soft story and also track if the work is being done with the tenant
11:34 am
still able to retain in the space, the soft story work with the tenant in the space, if the business has to shun down for a period of time or the work is done between leases so because there's discussion of moving out after 2020 to start applying the soft story retrofit to smaller size properties and we want to understand sort of the scale of the impact of that program, and then starting in january 2017 i had some conversation with the bar association and we're going to start putting together some workshops to make sure that we provide businesses with the opportunity to discuss with legal experts sort of kind of what is in their lease and how they may need to negotiate especially dealing with the ada improvements like who might ultimately be responsible for
11:35 am
paying for the tenant improvements that though the property owner is required to submit the plans but based upon lease it could be the business that is required to pay for it, and last week i met with several of the business leaders in the group that meet with the mayor with ben rosenfield to hear about upgrades they're doing to the data systems around contract and procurement. it's titled financial systems project so currently each department has their own means and mechanisms of tracking their procurement, you know what primes are awarded the contract, what primes are working with what subs and some track whether the payments are happening on time, some don't, so the controller's office is working on a universal system that all departments will utilize so we can really track the performance of our procurement program and the
11:36 am
payments being made to the primes and the primes making their payments to the subcontractors and it will be much more transparent and visible so subcontractors can see when a prime is paid by the city so we will be able to have better data and tracking and this will also help us sort of track the amount of money that is being -- that is going to our lbes and small businesses so we're looking at -- they're looking at a july 2017 implementation date and they have certainly offered to come and make a presentation to the commission at any time between now and then if you want get a briefing on just exactly the full extent of what is being expected so let me know if you want to wait until it's close to implementation or if you would prefer to have an early briefing. as noted at the last meeting the adult use of
11:37 am
marijuana act or proposition 64 you know o wed and in partnership that minca is doing kind of track being what the effects of this. some -- phase one deals with the growing of marijuana and phase two which is later, a longer phase in deals more with the edible components, so with the growing aspect we're going to have to take a look at our definition in the planning code around agriculture and it's a pretty broad definition so that could have implications. we are hearing of pdr spaces that are being held off the market with the anticipation of the passage of this regulation, so again just sort of kind of monitoring the potential effects economically and especially the effect it may have with our sf
11:38 am
may businesses. and then legislation as i said last week the transportation demand management ordinance was introduced so that will likely be referred to the commission for hearing and input, and then the medical services -- legislation that you have heard, the medical services on sacramento street. that's yet to be scheduled in land use as well as the polk street formula controls and the retail arcade market and you heard that before the recess and at least the medical services and arcade will be schedule thursday month or early next month. >> >> we are waiting to get a status report from supervisor peskin's office on the polk street. and then just a report that there are ten meeting
11:39 am
minutes remaining that we have to get caught up on so just to be safe averaging a two additional minutes a meeting in addition to the previous meeting minutes -- previous meeting minutes then it maybe another five minutes and then we will be caught up, and then lastly just want to note that this thursday is a sort of national touring small business expo that is the primary head for this expo is bill walsh and so and it's at the cal palace and exhibitors and workshops so i will be attending not the whole thing but take a look. i am very curious and they're having it there and what the attendance
11:40 am
is like and two of the workshops that stand out to me. they're calling for shark bait so having a discussion of some of the businesses on shark tank and talking about their experiences and the another one is how to use disruptive innovation to build a seven figure business so those are two that stood out for me that are non typical workshops so note wg small business week coming up for 2017 the met ree ion is under renovation this year so we can't use it for our kick off events so this gives us an opportunity to may be rethink a little about what we do and we're going to be meeting -- commissioner dwight and myself and sba will meet to what we might do for next year
11:41 am
so with that that concludes my report unless you have questions. commissioners. >> i have a quick question regarding the soft story retrofit. i know there are some buildings that applied for funding or loan from the city prior to this recent one you're talking about and they haven't heard back from any of those entities about -- . >> is that part of the pace program and pay it back through the property taxes? is that -- >> i don't know specifically but i know there were options and earthquake retrofit fairs and that the city contracted with and i am wondering if there is a timeline you're aware of? >> i'm not and that's good to hear and we use that for property owners to pay for the entry ways with the ada so i will look into that.
11:42 am
>> thank you. >> any other comments or questions commissioners? okay. any members of the public to comment on this item? seeing none. public comment is now closed. next item. >> item number 9 commissioners reports allows commissioner president and vice president and commissioners to report on the recent small business activities and make announcements that are of interest to the small business communities. discussion item. >> i was a tour guide for an airbnb event in dog patch last week and i want to give a shout out to airbnb. they have the events for hosts and not just hosts in the neighborhood but from other neighborhoods to make them aware of neighborhoods within the city that they can recommend to the people that are staying with them to go check out, and i think that whether you're in favor of airbnb or not i think that the company is doing a really proactive job in
11:43 am
trying to reach out to small businesses to kind of you know create a dialogue between hosts and businesses to make the experience for those who like to use airbnb in the city and not directing to the regular tourist places but making them aware of the secret and perhaps hidden gems in our city so good on them and i just happen to be the host -- or i was the tour guide for the airbnb event in dog patch and we had 65 people show up. i was impressed with airbnb's outreach and they also sent ten people over and did a great job of putting it on and this weekend i intended the renaissance entrepreneur center and pop up yard and they had a good selection of the companies there they were assisted and nicely done so that's all i got. anybody else?
11:44 am
>> for vice president i went to a local take. it's a store that sells items from local entrepreneurs. they sell bags and opened a local take store, their second, on ninth avenue in the inner richmond. the owner is jenn myers. she has another one in the castro at f market turn around, and there was a lot people there and a lot of local business -- she sells a lot of goods from a lot of local makers, sf made folks. >> good shout out to jenn. she does a good job of local sourcing products and not because we're one of them and a great selection and eye. >> and it was very busy and for the record give her a shout out for what she does at local
11:45 am
take in and good for her to expand into other neighborhoods. >> that is fantastic. anybody else? okay. well anybody members of the public like to comment on this item? seeing none. public comment is now closed. on to the next item. >> item number 10 new business allows commissioners to introduce new jend items for future consideration by the commission. discussion item. >> commissioner zouzounis. >> yeah, i have sort of a short list and obviously we can note them for planning future meetings for a while so i want to see a presentation from the department of public health on the implementation of the tobacco density law. it's been a number of months since it's been implemented and i still think there's a lot of confusion and it's pretty confusing law, so note that, and then also from the department of public works i would like to see a
11:46 am
presentation on kind of the operation and jurisdiction of some of the fees that they have on retailers regarding public nuisance and liter and that would include but not limited to homeless and cigarette butt clean up because i am curious if there is an overlap between what is cleaned up, the funds for community district benefit districts and what is being paid for into the dpw and i am curious if there is any overlap in that funding -- >> does this relate to -- i was speaking a small business owner he received a fine from the city because the boxes he put out for recycling were stolen by homeless people and taken to their encampment way far away and the city came down on him for littering because his name was on the boxes and so he got
11:47 am
fined several hundred dollars. this is a small shop and there was nothing he could do. it was $360, something like that. a, egregious fine and the magnitude and out of proportion but furthermore the stealing of things putting them out of things and out for recycling and they show up someone else is nonsensical so we ought to shut that loophole down. >> that is silly. >> yeah, i think that would be included and it goes with some of the work that the business leaders group -- >> if we want to schedule that we should reach out to business owners that have experienced this. this is purely anecdotal and i don't know more than i heard. >> [inaudible] [off mic] >> i said dpw and i had the umbrella. i want to specifically about the fee that
11:48 am
retailers are paying especially tobacco license holders into cigarette butt clean up. >> okay. >> but i think while we have them here i think we should address all of those fees, regulations that they have that they all fines, licensing, permits, all of that. >> transparency on it. >> okay. >> i would like to see a presentation on the proposed grocery tax -- sugar tax and have a discussion on potential repercussions. >> it's legislation on the ballot and we have restrictions. >> we can't talk about it? okay. what about state bills that might affect us locally? >> you can -- so the commission can always receive an informational briefing and you can ask questions to get clarification but you cannot have policy discussions.
11:49 am
>> okay. >> should the ballot measure pass then the commission can receive presentations and have policy discussions on the potential -- the effect of the passage of the legislation. >> so what if there's a state bill that passed the legislature and i am curious it has to do with public contracting and ab2844 so i am curious to see how that will affect public contracting at the city level. >> okay. i mean that isn't a ballot measure -- if it's passed or working its way through then the commission is able to have a discussion about that. it's just items on the ballot that the commission has to be very mindful about not having policy discussions but can have informational briefing. >> okay. >> so you said ab2844.
11:50 am
>> yeah, it's public contracting and potential criminalization of political boycott. okay. >> thanks. >> all right. anybody else? okay. any members of the public like to comment on this item? seeing none. public comment is now closed. next item please. >> i think our slide is next; right? >> indeed. get my script out. all right. once again to remind everyone that the office of small business is the only place to start your new business in san francisco and the best place to get answers about doing business in san francisco. the office of small business should be your first stop when you have a question about what to do next. our advice is free. can you visit us online or visit us in person at city hall. so if you need assistance with small business matters start here. ta da. next.
11:51 am
>> excellent. item number 11 is adjournment. >> i motion to adjourn. >> i second. >> all in favor. >> aye. >> all opposed? okay. our meeting is adjourned at 7:21 p.m. >> [gavel] good afternoon, welcome the 8th
11:52 am
annual william ham ond hall award. big round ofa applausee. my name is phils gingburg and have the pleasure services a general manager of this department which compenalizing the most taloned rkts most dedicated hardest working men and wem on thf any city department in san francisco. give yourselves a hand. [applause] we are right on the eve of, right on the knock on the front door of july which is national rec and park month and that is when we celebrate wlut we do and celebrate the importance affwhat we do keeping the sate helty, happy, safe, joyous, inspired and connected and playful. that is what we do qu and you play a important role. today is the day we come together and celebrate our work and partnership and really really please jd
11:53 am
grateful to be a part of that. my first role as comc is introduce my comc and we all knhoe the gentlemen over here who is wruning behind the scene and telling people where to stand all this good stuff. he and i we have been at this for a long time together and i will tell you something, local 261 should be proud of vince courtney and know you are. yoi should be proud for lots of reasons, he is a magzinate advocate and like tooz snd crazy mails in the middle of the night, but the thing you should be most proud about him for is his unbelievable gin wn tenacity. tenacity he says. he is tenacious like a dog on the bone and usually that is my leg. what i'm most proud about and most
11:54 am
admire you about is your total commitment to workforce development and that is real, it is gin wn, it is about creating a professional craft and giving people a opportunity to access it. that is what workforce development is about and what a pipeline is about. we have been talking about this working at it, working through it for a long time and that commitment is so genuine and as a result, i will say to you that i think that-not i think, i know this department and the work that local 261 and department are doing, we have sth most progressive, the most innovative workforce program anywhere. you won't find a better version of what we do. is it perfect? no we continue wurk with at it but you will not find a better of workforce development and pipe line and creating a
11:55 am
professional staff in san francisco and that is something we should be proud of. it is my great pleasure to introduce my co-mc, vince courtney. [applause] >> thank you. so, know, without phils leadership we woulden be here. it is important to note a little trip down memory lane. it wasn't long ago that field workers gardeners, it was open season on is. some remember the situation in mission dolores where the news cameras were put in our faces and didn't know how to react. phil wasn't the general manager then, he was department of human resources. i xoe tarry in the room and mary an.
11:56 am
our union leadership sat down with the stakeholders and talk what it was they were looking for and wanted from us. not just the department but staff. to phils credit, when we worked as chief of staff for mayor nusem, he was aggressive defending the guardance ranksism we were at a tone hall meetding together and they talked about how to fire gardeners. that is how far we have come. nobody is saying stuff like that anymore because we raise thd bar. leadership from people like mickee nixon and zone [inaudible] mike rogesy and [inaudible] the people recognized today. those partnerships rise today the level of elected officials seeking our support. not the support of the labor union, the support of the guardance staff and that is something we worked really hard on. eventually we began those engagements through phils leadership and know if we
11:57 am
work towards creating a career pathway and have agmore professional educated and train staff we need staffing and it was thrie phil and mayor nusem we realized we needed additional staff. that is how we got theresa fog lio. she was the first person. [applause] theresa is the first female laboring representative in the state for the labor union. [applause] but theresa was written into the collective bargaining agreement because phil understood the loo needs. mayor nusem green lighted. at the same time i worked behind the scenes recollect one oour first stunts is put together a program with the parks
11:58 am
commission. every chance i have to stand with the parks commission is a pleasure for me. this award was a chance to talk about gardening staff. a chance to talk about the work we do, and recognize and come together one time a year which we have done now, this is our 8th consecutive year without the help of margaret mc artha. where is margaret? [applause]. yeah. and she is about as slud and cunning as it gets. without the help of margaret we are not here today. it doesn't matter because it really takes a partnership, everybody involved to make this happening and make it last. before i go i want to say one other thing. i want to shout out the park section supervisor. the 3422. how many 3422's in the
11:59 am
room? [applause]. this started as a rignition for gardening staff and i felt myself like the good work the 3422's do working in the field and mentoring the staff and taking on anything that comes with them is unrecognized so i know we are recognizing a few 3422's today so want to thank you for being here and glad we made that move. i want to thank [inaudible] and nancy pelosi for providing certificates for us mps i know caly wong was in the room and feowna [inaudible] is alex walker here? thank you alex for being here and phil [inaudible] we'll see him thursday night. alex randolph, thank you very much. alex oversees as a college board trustee our apprenticeship programs. i
12:00 pm
know rafael is on his way now. i want to recognize the 15ish delegation. where is ingred? hi ingred. [applause] the phoenix delegation is here to review some the work we have done not just with rec and park and dpw but also puc. they will look a the apprenticeship programs and community workforce development programs. i'm honored they are here and will be here through friday so if you get a opportunity to talk to staff, i appreciate our weather a lot more and sure they do too but make sure you say hi. finally, the only reason i think we are here have s for the recipients and thought they would be back. one reason carmen chew and mark farrell show up for us because they are very very busy is because they understand the work you kooand pressure you are under. out here weef have a
12:01 pm
golf course at the highest profeshzal level that anything could get and at the same time mark farrell goes--[applause] our neighborhoods and parks and squares are under seize. the gardening staff and park section supervisors run the entire gamut. when mark and carmen and phil and president boule rr doing shout outs i ask you to make noises and celebrate your colleagues because mark and carmen will put respect on it. thank you very much. [applause] >> alright. so, i have the pleasure introducing the commission and bringing up the commission president. before i do want to take look at the department led rbship. i saw deny kern director of operations is here. thank you deny. [applause] ericandsertion
12:02 pm
superintendent, thank you. vince mejzed the amazing golf course and it is the home of the 2020 championship. i want to thank you steve [inaudible] and kevin for running that. we'll do more thank you's throughout but i want to recognize our commissioners present today is commissioner eric mcdonald. commissioner tom harrison. the vice president of the commission, allen low and speaking of his love of parks, our commission president. he devote his life to parks, much of it, whether through his role as president of rec and park commission or role of
12:03 pm
chair of golden gate national parks conserveancy or fund raising for park project. somewhere in san francisco or state of california this guy loves parks. he luchbs them so much he got back from scotland where he played 17 rounds of golf in 10 days. 17 rounds of golf in 10 days carrying his own clubs and only a guy as talented and wonderful and caring and passionate as mark boule can insure that his entire time in scotland it doesn't rain. ladies and gentlemen, mark bual. >> thank you. i should be hunched over but galf does that to you, and makes you want to keep walking. let me add my welcome to my friends from arizona. the mayor called and said if
12:04 pm
you want to stay a couple weeks you are welcome so enjoy the visit. i know they leaving friday. i welcome our fellow commissioners and i would say that in the 2007 when the commission initiated this award, it genuinely wanted to recognize those who really make the difference in san francisco when it comes to parks and open space. this may come as a rude awakening to foal commissioner but when people drive by or experience or walk through the parks they don't say that is a great commission running the operation. this will come as a rude awakening to the general manager but dozen say phil gensburg is doing a great job. they say the gardeners that are there in the parks are making these places pristine and we are very proud of it and i thank each and every one of you for that so give yourselves a hand.
12:05 pm
[applause] with that,ile rr turn this back to phil gensburg who i thank for that nice introduction. >> we do have special recognition from our mayor and without reading the entire thing in the interest of time he did want to take the time to recognize and ramona if you can join us here so we can present to dwrou. today is not just a day where you get out early and get snacks and beer and celebration, it is a actually william ham ond hall gardener day in city and county of san francisco so congratulation to the entire team ramon and thank you very much for your leadership. [applause] >> alright. before we turn itsoever to
12:06 pm
our masters of care moanies, i want to briefply thank our sponsors, those who supported the event. local 251, thank you for the division and sharing in the endeavor and make tg important for the union, the business organization to celebrate its members and staff. this would not happen without you guys so thank you 261. thank you to scoma who is providing some recognition for our winners tonight. thank you to the san francisco parks alliance that supports this event each and every year. [applause]. tpc harding for being a gracious wonderful host, let's thank them. another platted entertainment for additional special recognition for our award winners. [applause]
12:07 pm
listen up phoenix, our san francisco giants for their support of this event! obviously sfgov tv for being here and individuals that helped make this happen some already recognize nized but theresa [inaudible] alex randolph. superintendent bob plausio. aaron andertion behind the scenes to keep it together. thank you aaron for your support of this event. [applause] stacy wright. thank you. lucas [inaudible] pat cox, gary asubpoena, mark pits, derek fur nands, tom heart, elten [inaudible] joe apawn, rien kelly and the amazing margaret
12:08 pm
mcartha. will say a couple word about our mc's and we'll bing them up at the same time and i get to introduce one and before that person comes up then vince will introduce our other co-mc. i get to start with mark. mark farrell. supervisor mark farrell. as i think all of you know, san francisco parks won a huge victory at the ballot box in june. proposition d, mark boule likes to say victory has many many parents and it does but there is no way we would celebrate today increesed investment in the parks without the leadership of mark farrell. [applause]
12:09 pm
mark understands the important role parks play in san francisco intimately because he use s them. he is a dad and raised kids in the city. 3280 at moscone rec center. today he is a baseball coach for sfybl. on top of everything else he does and so gets and appreciates important role all of you play in keeping san francisco joyous, healthy and safe. mark farrell is our first introduction and now i'll turn it over to vince. >> thank you phil. it is my pleasure to introduce carmen chew. elected san francisco board of supervisors twice after first appointed by gaven nusem. she comes out of the budget office so has a lot of expertise. people
12:10 pm
forget, the people fim rr has to ask money are budget chair jz have been john avalos, mark farrell is current budget clar and carmen chew was a budget chair so she really understands a lautd about the economic necessity as far as we are concerned. gardening staff. a lot of prop b stuff. carmen chew has gone out of her way-in addition to dealing with tax base and property assessment she is the rored so protectathize rorsds by creating the single paper documents and putting them to electronic format. i consider that to be the role of a historian and think she probably would too. she is responsible for bringing in 1/3 of the city budget which is what now? that is a awful lot of many. if mark farrell is a favorite son that carmen chew is a favorite
12:11 pm
daughter. [applause] >> you ready to be done with the political speeches and on with the awards? a few things. mark boule, next time you go to scotland i hope you find a place for me enyour suit case. i will caddy for you any time. i was a 3280 in high school and have to admit two things. first, i'm sure there were no more complaints every time i tried to chalk a base line, it was the more swervey line and twice in the summer i left the flood lights on the entire night so the electricity bill for rec and park increased. i want to say thank you for being here and the gardener jz staff, it is you that makeatize work for all of us. it is you people think when they come out to the lawns and whether it is for me i grew up a block away and asked
12:12 pm
my parents who took care the flowers at palace of fine arts or big parks or nairfbd parks whether moscone or [inaudible] thank you for all you do, you make the entire city shine and should be recognized so thank you for all you do for the satey city of san francisco. i want to turn it over to carmen. y i want to admy commentsologist. previously being a member of the beard of supervisors for sun set district i can't tell you how men times we got telephone calls about all the good work you are doing and when you think of the families they visit our parks whether it is walkic in the morning or tichior chalking the dogs it caen be done without you keeping the parks safe and clean. i want oo a big shout out to 261 and rec park leadership and commissioners. i'm not sure if you ruweir but
12:13 pm
having so many commissioners come to event is not normal. there are a lot of commissions in the city whether there are a lot of different-i won't name which ones but dont always show up at the different event so want you to let you know you vaspecial commission that show up time and again to support you and think it is a true mark of dedication so hats off to the rec and park commissionism thank you. [applause] i'll close by a apifany that came which i wondered why disvince and phil invite mark and i to come mc this event. i realize i'm the money lady, and bring in money have mark spends the money. hats off to you
12:14 pm
guys. [applause] with that i'll turn toover to mark. >> by the way, phil and vince that hug you gave each other let's memorialize that. you ready to roll? where are you nolan? come on. let's go! [applause] nolan came to lincoln park last year and brought a welt of knowledge and experience. he takes initiative, assists fellow workers and members the public. shows attention to detail. nolan is reliable, consances and reliable member of the team, congratulations, nolan. [applause]
12:15 pm
>> congratulations, nolan! [applause] may i please invite lisa gray up to the stage? come on, louder than that! [applause] lisa joined the department a few years ago and immediately dug into work with high level of [inaudible] she has excellent work ethic, taken on responsibilities for upgrading many areas of the botanial garbden including the garden of fragrance, [inaudible] as a captain she demonstrated natural and effective leadership abilities. she treats aench wn with a great deal of refect and integryty and liked by all. lisa is a team player teacher and leader and exempifys the spirit at the
12:16 pm
whh awards. congratulations, lisa. [applause] >> up next let's give it up for [inaudible] johnson. [inaudible] dedication to this department is unparallel. he took a long but path to becoming a gardener. two years of a vaulten tear and igaugeral apprenticeship class. he came with a eye for sharps and forms and studied the art of japanese [inaudible] at work and on tone. personalty and knowledge of multiple languages made the perfect representative for the garden in the city of san francisco. he has a smile on his faith and worthy william
12:17 pm
hammond haul awardee. congratulations. [applause] >> now i like you all to put your hands together for lisa sid martin. [applause] started career in the rec and park department as one of the early participants in the gardener aprintalship program. transitioned to the current garbdner position and assigned to section 2 in galdsen gate park. responsibility include high profile on jfk drive and childrens play area on 10 thd and folen. brings energy to work sw experience with landscape machinery. her livery energy are enjoyed by all coworkers.
12:18 pm
congratulations, sid. [applause] >> by the way, we want to welcome the arizona delegation but it isn't the san francisco giant but the first place san francisco giant now so want to talk about that. bring up john [inaudible] [applause] john pour formed in all many assigned tasks. he is nur thury in duties and understanding and sympathetic in approach to fellow employees with accomplishing the goals required. he embodies or values in san francisco of respect, rezil zns, relationship and responsiveness in a way that is personal and
12:19 pm
professional. managed in crisis and stepped up in times of needs. this award is very much deserved. congratulations, john. [applause] >> well, mr. cesar montalvo, please stand up! cesar is a true asset to this department. he is extremely reliable, hard working and team player. performs quality work and works well with others. never complains and tackle any job or task in a professional manner. fun to work with recollect has a great personalty and better attitude. it is with great plessor cesar is recognized with this award. he truly deserves it.
12:20 pm
congratulations. [applause] >> our next is paule tt e quinn. [applause] demonstrated leadership skills and willingness to go above and beyond of what is requested. exhibits professionalism, reliability and puchck walety. mr. quinn is responsible for viremm service division where lee is leader and role model for his crew. congratulations. [applause] >> next up is john [inaudible]!
12:21 pm
john worked to put together an amazing gardener apprenticeship program. increased 34, 17 production and quaument. he has a successful preapprenticeship prap. a motivator and instills people with strong work ethic and teeping them to safely and efficiently use the tools of the profession. congratulations. [applause] >> up next is mike welch! mike is dependable and reliable
12:22 pm
employee who completes task in a timely manner with professional results. worked on many areas throughout the city. several fmps of his work were successful renovation and maintenance of [inaudible] ball fields. justin hermannplaza after the super bowl. [inaudible] perform at the highest level and leads by example and awesome to have you here, congratulations! [applause] >> i must apologize in advance if i get the last name wrong. patrick
12:23 pm
weible. he is on vacation. alright. on vacation. we got to read this for sfgtv. for patrick, he is worked at psa for the last 7 years taking on increasing responsibility. he demonstrated commitment, dedication and always learning to perfect the craft. he kept athletic field in [inaudible] he has riseen to new heights of exteratize. deep sense ofcluberation he demonstrated excellence. he is passionate and park professional. very much a team player. congratulations, patrick in your absence. >> alright, up next we have
12:24 pm
charley williams. charley is great at leading the crew and irk withing as a group. he keys on the fine details of things which make you think twice whether the job is complete or not. he is a great listener and willing to drop what he is doing to give full attention. charlies ability to lead a group and attention to detail makes him as a asset to rec and park. congratulations charley. [applause] >> finally our last awardee today is joel young. [applause], so keith roberts will accept this on behalf of joel. i did want to read this
12:25 pm
accomplishment. joel youngs beat is [inaudible] south side of section 5. he is a exemplary emplyee since the day he was higheredm he has positive attitude no matter the situation. many times he is pulled from a project but he never complain squz willing to work when he is needed. he is a great asset to section 5, he is a excellent example of professionalism for the entire recreation and parks department. it seems that the william hammond hall award was created with employees like joel in mind. congratulations joel. [applause] >> so, let me bring up keith and sean. thank you again supervisor farrell,
12:26 pm
[inaudible] chew, and rafael mandelman. thank you for joining us today. we have our presentation keith roberts and sean [inaudible] >> thank you. this is the stumpy award given out every year at the end of the hamhond hall awards. i'm not sure exactly how this was started but every year the recipients get together and they vote for somebody they believe who has been outstanding and deserves this strange award. somebody put a springler of the middle of the tree and it grew in there. this is in the front of my house for a year, probably in seans garage for a year and a couple other peoples closets and back
12:27 pm
of their cars for a long time. we got together and decided that the recipient of this would be >> [inaudible] >> come up and get your stumy award. this is a non management award. management is not aloud to vote nor see it for a year. [applause] >> are we done? that concludes the presentation, but there is food and drink and we are all in a room together. let's enjoy each others company and celebrate each others work.
12:28 pm
congratulations to the hard working men and women of the rec and park department and local 261. cheers.
12:29 pm
12:30 pm
12:31 pm
i'm derek, i'm hyungry, and ready to eat. these vendors offer a variety of the streets near you. these mobile restaurants are serving up original, creative and unusual combinations. you can grab something simple like a grilled cheese sandwich or something unique like curry. we areher here in the average eight -- upper haight.
12:32 pm
you will be competing in the quick buy food challenge. an appetizer and if you are the winner you will get the title of the quitck bite "chompion." i am here with matt cohen, from off the grid. >> we assembled trucks and put them into a really unique heurban settings. >> what inspired you to start off the grid? >> i was helping people lodge mobile food trucks. the work asking for what can we get -- part together? we started our first location
12:33 pm
and then from there we expanded locations. >> why do think food trucks have grown? >> i have gotten popular because the high cost of starting a brick and mortar or strong, the rise of social media, trucks can be easily located, and food trucks to offer a unique outdoor experience that is not easily replaced by any of their setting any worlwhere else in san franc. san francisco eaters are interested in cuisine. there adventuress. the fact theyuse grea use great ingredients and make gourmet food makes unpopular. >> i have been dying to have
12:34 pm
these. >> i have had that roach coach experience. it is great they're making food they can trust. >> have you decided? >> we are in the thick of the competition? >> my game was thrown off because they pulled out of my first appetizer choice. >> how we going to crush clear? >> it will be easy. probably everyone has tried, something bacon tell us delicious. >> -- people tell us is delicious. >> hopefully you think the same thing. >> hopefully i am going to win. we're in the financial district.
12:35 pm
there is a food truck right there. every day changes. it is easy and fun to go down. these are going to be really good. >> how are you going to dominate? >> i think he does not know what he is doing. >> i was thinking of doing [unintelligible] we are underrepresented. >> i was singing of starting an irish pub. that was my idea. >> one our biggest is the corned beef and cabbage. we are asking people what they're thinking in getting some feedback. >> for a lot of people i am sure this combination looks very wrong. it might not sound right on paper but when you taste it to or have it in your mouth, it is
12:36 pm
a variety. this is one of the best ways in creating community. people gather around and talk about it and get to know different cultures. that brings people together and i hope more off the grid style and people can mingle and interact and remove all our differences and work on our similarities. this creates opportunity. >> the time has come and i am very hungry. what have you got? >> i got this from on the go, a sandwich, and a caramel cupcake. i went with home cooking. what de think? >> i will have another bite.
12:37 pm
>> sounds good. >> that was fantastic. let's start with you. >> i had the fried mac and cheese, and twinkies. i wanted to get something kind of classic with a twist on it. >> it was crispy. >> i will admit. >> want to try fieried mac and cheese? >> was that the best twinkie? >> would you say you had the winning male? >> definitely. >> no. >> you are the "chompion."
12:38 pm
clair has won. you are the first "chompion." >> they know it iwas me because i got a free meal. and check a map on -- check them out on facebook. take a peek at the stuff we have cut. to get our -- check out our blog. i will have >> you're watching quick bite, the show that has san francisco. ♪
12:39 pm
♪ ♪ >> we're here at one of the many food centric districts of san francisco, the 18th street corridor which locals have affectionately dubbed the castro. a cross between castro and gastronomic. the bakery, pizza, and dolores park cafe, there is no end in sight for the mouth watering food options here. adding to the culinary delights is the family of business he which includes skylight creamery, skylight and the 18 raisin. >> skylight market has been here since 1940. it's been in the family since 1964. his father and uncle bought the market and ran it through sam
12:40 pm
taking it over in 1998. at that point sam revamped the market. he installed a kitchen in the center of the market and really made it a place where chefs look forward to come. he created community through food. so, we designed our community as having three parts we like to draw as a triangle where it's comprised of our producers that make the food, our staff, those who sell it, and our guests who come and buy and eat the food. and we really feel that we wouldn't exist if it weren't for all three of those components who really support each other. and that's kind of what we work towards every day. >> valley creamery was opened in 2006. the two pastry chefs who started it, chris hoover and walker who is sam's wife,
12:41 pm
supplied all the pastries and bakeries for the market. they found a space on the block to do that and the ice cream kind of came as an afterthought. they realized the desire for ice cream and we now have lines around the corner. so, that's been a huge success. in 2008, sam started 18 reasons, which is our community and event space where we do five events a week all around the idea of bringling people closer to where the food comes from and closer to each other in that process. >> 18 reasons was started almost four years ago as an educational arm of their work. and we would have dinners and a few classes and we understood there what momentum that people wanted this type of engagement and education in a way that allowed for a more in-depth conversation. we grew and now we offer -- i think we had nine, we have a
12:42 pm
series where adults learned home cooking and we did a teacher training workshop where san francisco unified public school teachers came and learned to use cooking for the core standards. we range all over the place. we really want everyone to feel like they can be included in the conversation. a lot of organizations i think which say we're going to teach cooking or we're going to teach gardening, or we're going to get in the policy side of the food from conversation. we say all of that is connected and we want to provide a place that feels really community oriented where you can be interested in multiple of those things or one of those things and have an entree point to meet people. we want to build community and we're using food as a means to that end. >> we have a wonderful organization to be involved with obviously coming from buy right where really everyone is treated very much like family. coming into 18 reasons which even more community focused is such a treat. we have these events in the evening and we really try and bring people together. people come in in groups, meet
12:43 pm
friends that they didn't even know they had before. our whole set up is focused on communal table. you can sit across from someone and start a conversation. we're excited about that. >> i never worked in catering or food service before. it's been really fun learning about where things are coming from, where things are served from. >> it is getting really popular. she's a wonderful teacher and i think it is a perfect match for us. it is not about home cooking. it's really about how to facilitate your ease in the kitchen so you can just cook. >> i have always loved eating food. for me, i love that it brings me into contact with so many wonderful people. ultimately all of my work that i do intersects at the place where food and community is. classes or cooking dinner for someone or writing about food. it always come down to empowering people and giving them a wonderful experience.
12:44 pm
empower their want to be around people and all the values and reasons the commitment, community and places, we're offering a whole spectrum of offerings and other really wide range of places to show that good food is not only for wealthy people and they are super committed to accessibility and to giving people a glimpse of the beauty that really is available to all of us that sometimes we forget in our day to day running around. >> we have such a philosophical mission around bringing people together around food. it's so natural for me to come here. >> we want them to walk away feeling like they have the tools to make change in their lives. whether that change is voting on an issue in a way that they will really confident about, or that change is how to
12:45 pm
understand why it is important to support our small farmers. each class has a different purpose, but what we hope is that when people leave here they understand how to achieve that goal and feel that they have the resources necessary to do that. >> are you inspired? maybe you want to learn how to have a patch in your backyard or cook better with fresh ingredients . or grab a quick bite with organic goodies. find out more about 18 reasons by going to 18 and learn about buy right market and creamery by going to buy right and don't forget to check out our blog for more info on many of our episodes at sf quick until next time, may the fork be with you. ♪ ♪ >> so chocolaty. mm. ♪
12:46 pm
>> oh, this is awesome. oh, sorry. i thought we were done rolling. ♪ with its elegant rotunda, the reflecting waters of the sub rounding lagoon and fraying rant eucalyptus trees, special dates and memorable proposals. it is the perfect picnic spot to relax with that special someone by listening to water and fountain in the lagoon and gazing as the swans go gracefully by. beautiful to view from many locations along the lagoon and inside the columns is an ideal place to walk around with your loved one. the palace of fine arts is the most popular location in the city arts system.
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?oo hi, i'm holly lee. i love cooking and you are watching quick bites. san francisco is a foodie town. we san franciscoans love our food and desserts are no exceptions. there are places that specialize in any and every dessert your heart desires, from hand made ice cream to organic cakes, artisan chocolate and cupcakes galore, the options are endless. anyone out there with a sweet tooth? then i have a great stop for you. i've been searching high and low for some great cookies and the buzz
12:55 pm
around town that anthony's are those cookies. with rave reviews like this i have to experience these cookies for myself and see what the fuss was all about. so let's see. while attending san francisco state university as an accountinging major, anthony's friend jokingly suggested he make cookies to make ends make. with no formal culinary training he opened his own bakery and is now the no. 1 producer of gourmet cookies in the biarea and thank you for joining us on quick bites. how do you feel? >> i feel great. >> so i want to get to the bottom of some very burning questions. why cookies? >> it was a recommendation
12:56 pm
from a friend. hard to believe that's how it all started. >> why not pies and cakes? what do you have against pies and cakes, anthony. >> i have nothing against pies and cakes. however, that was the recommendation. >> you were on the road to be an account apblt. >> actually, an engineer. >> even better. and it led to making cookies. >> in delicious ways. >> delicious ways. >> this is where the magic goes down and we're going to be
12:57 pm
getting to the truth behind cookies and cream. >> this is what is behind cookies and cream. >> where were you when the idea came to your mind. >> i was in my apartment eating ice cream, cookies and cream ice cream. how much fun, cookies and cream cookies. their cookies and cream is not even -- it took a lot of time, a lot of fun. >> a lot of butter. >> a lot, a lot, a lot. but it was one of those things. all right, now behold. you know what that is? >> what is that? >> cookies and cream. >> oh, they are beautiful. >> yes, so we got to get --. >> all right, all right.
12:58 pm
we treat the cookies like wine tasting. i don't ever want anybody to bite into a cookie and not get what they want to get. we're training staff because they can look at the cookie and tell if it's wrong. >> oh, here we go. >> you smell it and then you taste it, clean the plat palate with the milk. >> i could be a professional painter because i know how to do this. >> i can tell that it's a really nice shell, that nice crunch. >> but inside. >> oh, my god. so you are going to -- cheat a little bit. i had to give you a heads up on that. >> what's happening tomorrow? these cookies, there's a lot of love in these cookies. i don't know how else to say it. it
12:59 pm
really just makes me so happy. man, you bake a mean cookie, anthony. >> i know. people really know if they are getting something made with love. >> aww >> you know, you can't fool people. they know if you are taking shortcuts here and there. they can eat something and tell the care that went into it. they get what they expect. >> uh-huh. >> system development and things like that. >> sounds so technical. >> i'm an engineer. >> that's right, that's right. cookies are so good, drove all other thoughts out of my head. thank you for taking time out it talk to us about what you do and the love with which you do it. we appreciate your time here on quick bites.
1:00 pm
i hope you've enjoyed our delicious tale of defendant 93 and dessert. as for me, my search is over. those reviews did not lie. in fact, i'm thinking of one of my very own. some things you just have it experience for yourself. to learn more about anthony's cookies, visit him on the web at if you want to watch some of our other episodes at sfquickbites/ see


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